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Happy Spring, all!

Whether you’re still snowed in, or starting to see signs of improving weather, one thing we can probably all agree on is that we’re happy for the extra hour of light each day, and, happy that warmer temperatures are on the horizon sooner than later.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “favorites” post, so here are a few of the things I’m enjoying lately. Warning: These are all over the map and not at all similar, not unlike daily Twitter trends.  Or, in other words, #random.

  • Dandy Blend Instant Dandelion Tea. It’s funny, as homeowners, we spend considerable effort trying to eliminate dandelions, which have plenty of health and nutritional benefits. I fell off the no-coffee bandwagon a bit while I was on vacation – mostly due to the time zone differences AND daily savings time change – but am happily back to my coffee alternatives. This instant dandelion tea is great, and I use it in the mornings instead of coffee. It’s made from dandelion root and packed with trace minerals, which most of us don’t get enough of through diet alone. I find dandelion tea a little on the bland side, but this Dandy Blend is much more robust and reminiscent of coffee. I have traded in my daily Teeccino for Dandy Blend, at least for now!
  • Sprouts. If you missed my post on sprouting, mosey on over here and have a look. I’m a sprouting fool right now! It’s fun to watch sprouts grow, and they are more filling than just about any other food (at least to me).Growing Sprouts | Test Kitchen Tuesday
  • (Slowly) Returning to Jogging. If you’ve ever been sidelined from something you enjoy, you know how good it feels to get back to it, even in small doses. I am finally cleared to do a return to run program, which is modest at best, and has been incredibly challenging. I never thought I’d be to a place in my life where jogging for 4 minutes would be a huge victory. But, I know this is the first step to getting my active life back. I’ve been doing this for about a month and up to Stage 5 in the below protocol, which would also be good if you need a kick in the pants to get active and haven’t been running in a while.
Stage 1Walk 4 minutes, Jog 1 minute, three times
Stage 2Walk 4 minutes, Jog 2 minutes, three times
Stage 3Walk 4  minutes, Jog 3 minutes, three times
Stage 4Walk 4 minutes, Jog 4 minutes, three times
Stage 5Walk 3 minutes, Jog 4 minutes, three times
Stage 6Walk 2 minutes, Jog 4 minutes, three times
Stage 7Walk 1 minute, Jog 4 minutes, three times
Stage 8Jog continuously for 15 minutes
  • Podcasts. I love podcasts and listen to them while I’m working onimagechores around the house, on the treadmill, or commuting on days when I have to go to work. If you like the band Train, and  you like music in general, the “Patcast” is a great podcast. He gets a variety of guests on from all genres of music, and they’re really great. Another perennial favorite for healthy living/ living your best life type of topics is The Rich Roll Podcast. Finally if you  like TED Talks, the NPR Ted Radio is a great one as well.
  • The Good Wife. As I mentioned in the post about frozen hot chocolate, sometimes I can live under a rock and miss a good thing. A friend turned me onto The Good Wife, and I’m hooked. It’s free to stream via Amazon Prime, which makes for easy viewing of an episode here and there when I can find 45 minutes.

And lastly, a bit of an update. I have had a few requests lately to review the new Ninja Ultima Blender. I originally wasn’t going to review this model, because I am totally happy with my Ninja Mega KS, but, I hear you loud and clear. I’ll get to work on this in the coming month or so and let you know what I think of the new design as compared to existing models.

What are you enjoying for Spring?

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