The Carrot Monster

First order of business: Have you entered my drawing for a copy of the Café Flora cookbook? Do it! Your odds are exceptionally good (like, really, really good).

Yesterday I mentioned that our dog, Pipa enjoys her carrots. She also digs apples, pears, raw potatoes, zucchini, and well…anything crunchy. But, carrots are her absolute fave, and it is fun to watch her enjoy one! (She also knows the sound of veggies chopping and comes running from wherever she is if she hears a knife hitting a cutting board.)

It’s hard to turn down a request from this sweet face (the grey chin is very persuasive):


We have trained her to chew bones and eat carrots on this rug, which saves the carpet – as you can see, the rug is well-stained


I think you’ve got a little something on your lip. Right there


All smiles.


Have a fabulous weekend!

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