10 Things I Love Right Now

I had planned to post a review of SunWarrior protein powder today, but that content didn’t just magically write itself over the weekend, so I thought I’d do a quick post about 10 things I am digging right now in the world of food.

Not having a kitchen has really broadened my horizons and made me think a little more creatively about how to eat with severe restrictions. Here are some things I’m enjoying right now.

  • Washed and pre-cut veggies. In the past, I never really would have bought these (except baby carrots for the dog), because they’re more expensive than their “non-prepared” counterparts, but boy, do they come in handy when you don’t have a kitchen sink.
  • Trader Joe’s pre-made hummus. This of course goes with the above veggies…
  • Pre-boiled and peeled cage free eggs. I had no idea this was even something one could buy! But, leave it to Trader Joe’s to sell boiled eggs that are already peeled, and they’re cage free.
  • Natural Jif-To-Go. Not as good as homemade peanut butter, or even “real” natural peanut butter in the “good for you” department, but this is a nice compromise that I throw in my backpack and take to work for snacks.image
  • Candied Ginger. Oh my goodness, someone take the candied ginger away from me. It’s an acquired taste, but once you acquire it, look out. That stuff is addictive! If you want to be super healthy, just wash off the sugar and go to town. Ginger has lots of health benefits. I just can’t get myself to wash off the sugar…
  • Banana chips. File these in the candied ginger file. Yummy.
  • Roasted Coconut Flakes. These large flakes were on an endcap at Trader Joe’s a while back, and loving all things coconut, I picked them up. They are tasty, especially when mixed with banana chips and some raisins.
  • Kind Bars. I love these bars because they’re low on ingredients, low on sugar, and relatively affordable. They also make their way into the backpack for easy snacks.
  • Whole organic fruit. It’s still apple, pear, and even peach season, so I’m loading up on these very self-contained foods. I really only buy organic right now because sometimes “washing” is more like wiping them on my shirt before digging in. I eat a lot of bananas too, but I don’t worry about organic here because of the peel.
  • Amazing Grass powder. A staple, no question about it. I am not getting nearly the volume of veggies I’d prefer, so this is my insurance policy.

So there’s my list. What are you enjoying right now?

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