Project: Food Budget–Week 20

Friends, I won’t lie. It’s been a hard week. Do you ever have those weeks where you just can’t catch a break? That would be my week.

Instead of dwelling on the negative and letting things I can’t control in turn control me, I am trying to remain positive and focused on what I can control. And, I can control the food budget!

The budget is light this week because we are in Seattle and are eating from the freezer and fairly stocked pantry. Since the cooktop in Bend is still broken, we decided to come on up to our place that has a functioning stove! I brought quite a bit of produce from Bend and had a lot of things frozen, so we really didn’t need that much to make it through the week.

  • Total this week: $45.98
  • Total this month: $133.21
  • Goal for the month $325

You’ll notice 2Chili’s staples are prominent (cereal, cookies, crackers), and then really just a few other essentials. For the record, the Trader Joe’s Powerberry trail mix is addictive. I won’t be buying that again because I can’t stop eating it!


Menu for the Week

This menu is fairly boring but makes use of items we had on hand!

  • Breakfast egg burritos (for dinner)
  • Veggie burgers with roasted potatoes
  • Leftover butternut squash soup
  • Pinto bean burritos
  • Pasta with frozen veggies

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