A Quick Check In and PSA

Friends, I apologize for the dead air last week. 2Chili and I were frantically working to finish our kitchen remodel. And, we did.

Well, just about. We’re 95% finished and using a highly operational kitchen for the first time in more than two years. I never thought that when we ripped out the tiny old kitchen upon moving into this house that it would be the second-to-last room we’d complete.

But, finally, it’s buh-bye hotplate ‘cause now we’re cooking with gas!

So, why no pictures?!

Well, it’s that 95% part. Some of the cabinet drawer and door pulls are missing because we ran out. I also have a little bit of drywall repair to do as a result of some damage from installing a desktop. I’ve waited this long to show you pictures that a few more days (or weeks) is nothing. The pulls are on order – of course we didn’t find something off the shelf. So, it’ll be soon. Here is a preview, though, from the outside looking in taken on Thanksgiving night. I took the dog outside and had to pinch myself that I was looking in on my kitchen!


I have a few new recipes that I’m working on right now, including a peanut butter cup smoothie, so, stay tuned for that.

Lastly, I have a small PSA before I leave you for this week.

This past Sunday didn’t go at all as I thought it would. Not long after we woke up, there was a double fatality car accident about 100 yards from our house. The images of this accident are burned on my brain – impossible to erase. We were on the scene before the first responders, and I’ll tell you, the mangled mess of this accident is not something I wish anyone to see. The jury is still out on exactly what happened to cause the accident, but it was the result of someone running a stop sign at a very high rate of speed.

So, my PSA is this: Please, please pay attention and be care careful when driving, and do not text and drive. Distracted driving is a serious issue, and nothing is that important that it can’t wait until you get where you’re going. A lot of phones have “driving mode,’ which enable you to switch off text notifications while the car is moving – I use this feature and highly recommend it to everyone.

Thanks for understanding about the lack of a new recipe last week, and I’ll be back ‘atcha next week with something more uplifting!

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