Remodel Update: Master Bedroom

I haven’t shared a remodel update in a long, long time!

We recently finished up our master bedroom, leaving only the kitchen and master bathroom to go. We’re saving the “easy” rooms for last – or not!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any “before” pictures of this room, but it has changed dramatically. The ceilings used to be only 7 feet high, and are now vaulted with a peak at 12 feet. There were only two very tiny windows, and it was just an overall dark and depressing room. Not so anymore!

There is a very faint white line in this first picture on the bricks (slightly higher than the top of the window) that shows where the original ceiling was. I could reach up and touch it easily – it just was way too low.


Because it’s a small room, we built in cabinet closets and made a built-in platform bed, making it feel very spacious with a small footprint. This is a king-sized bed, but there is still plenty of room because it’s very sleek. We continued the bamboo flooring on the ceiling (it is now throughout the whole house), and used cork for the floor. With a cat and dog, we opted for no carpet at all in the house, which makes sweeping up pet hair so easy.




By adding large windows with transoms above, we get a lot of natural light and a great view into the garden. We have now built three master bedrooms in our time, and while the smallest, this one is definitely my favorite.


And, there you have it, the most recently completed room. I can’t put a timeline on the kitchen, but we have started working on it, which is something!

Thanks for reading!

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