Friday Round-Up–5/17/13

It’s a short one this week, friends, mostly because I’ve been running around like a lunatic with my hair on fire this week! I do have a couple posts lined up for next week thanks to some reader questions, so stay tuned for some Ninja Blender action coming your way.

But, in other news, well, some other news!

  • Kaiser Permanente recommends plant-based diets for all physicians to prescribe to their patients, especially: “those with high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or obesity.” Y’all know I don’t preach around here, but we do follow a mostly plant-based diet at our place. I thought this was an interesting paper coming from an insurer. Reasoning: they want to spend less for their insureds’ medical care, clearly. Honestly, I think the bigger message comes down to something I’ve been spouting for a while: Eat real food, AKA, whole foods.
  • One of the best re-makes of the “MyPlate” concept I’ve seen, from Summer Tomato. Smart, rational, and un-impacted by lobby groups.
  • Is all processed food unhealthy? Processed food is between the crosshairs right now, and for mostly good reasons. But, this article breaks down the level of processing in different types of foods to explain the nuances and the types of processing that are really okay. I had never really considered something like canned tomatoes processed, but indeed, if you think about it, they are.

Have a wonderful weekend, try to get outside, and I’ll catch you on the flipside!

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