Random Friday Thoughts–January 31

Yay for Fridays! Here’s this week’s smattering of randomness, I hope you enjoy.

  • I have been completely maximizing my new dehydrator. It’s been going full force since we got it! I still haven’t perfected the raw macaroons which were the driver in getting the machine, but I have made lots of good stuff with it already (sweet potato chips being a hands-down favorite). I asked my mom what she used to make with hers in the 80s, and it sounds like it was mostly dried fruit, which irimageonically enough, I have not made yet. Dehydrating is just about as much fun as blending!
  • Thanks to some reader prompting, I have finally tried kimchi, and seriously, yum. Trader Joe’s has a variety made with Napa Cabbage that is relatively mild, so the next stop on this kimchi train is to try one that is spicier. Lacto fermented foods have lots of health benefits, including being a dietary source of probiotics, which are essential to maintaining a healthy gut. The Kitchn has an article with six ways to use it, but honestly, I just put a couple spoonfuls on my big salad, and off I go.
  • 2Chili invented a sandwich. He is very proud of this sandwich and wonders why I have not dedicated a post to it yet. The truth is, I have a bit of a backlog of topics to cover, and I just haven’t had time to slot in his sandwich. One day I was instructed on how to make this sandwich for him via dictation (he has never actually made this himself, I just get requests for it). When I noted to him after making it the first time, “Oh, this is pretty good,” his reply was classic 2Chili: “Of course it is.” Anyway, lack of dedicated blog post space notwithstanding, I’ll tell it to you here:
      • 2 slices of honey wheat bread (he buys Safeway brand)
      • 1/4 cup tahini-free hummus
      • 1 ripe pear, thinly sliced (1/4 inch slices)
      • 1 slice Swiss or provolone cheese
      • Handful spinach
      • Drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette
  • The gist of it is that you toast the hummus, pear, and cheese on the bread either on the stovetop or in a toaster oven (cheese and hummus are placed on different pieces of bread), then add the spinach and dressing just prior to eating. I have to say, even on my special gluten-free bread, it is a good sandwich. Of course it is.
  • Last night I saw a story on the news about a woman in our area who feeds her entire family of four for only $100/month. She writes a blog and gives out her tips, including lots of tutorials. While I am not one for mega couponing (we hardly buy anything that would have a coupon), she has taken it to the max beyond just coupons with a huge garden, chickens, and lots of other great “homegrown” ideas.

Have a great weekend all, and thanks for reading!

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