Friday Round Up–5/10/13

Blink. It’s Friday.

That’s about how I feel lately. I have a big work project going right now that will culminate in about six weeks, and time has just been flying by!

I know you know this feeling – it’s something to which everyone can honestly relate. We’ve all had a time in our lives when things are just so hectic that we have to remember to breathe, and I remind myself daily to slow down, calm down, and relax. Thankfully, we finally have our couch home (it sounds silly, but imagine living nine months without a place to sit and relax in the evening), so much more relaxing has been going on. This week has been one of the best we’ve had in a long time, all because of something as simple as having a place to relax.

An-y-way, here are a few random tidbits and thoughts from this week that I wanted to share:

  • Michael Pollan on how reclaiming cooking can save our food system, among other things. This is a pretty long interview, but if you like what Mr. Pollan has historically had to say, you will probably enjoy!
  • Trader Joe’s ginger could have lead in it. This one is for the ginger lovers. The truth is, I’m guessing, that a lot of ginger could have lead in it, and it’s likely due to the soil in which its grown. Am I going to stop eating ginger? Nope. But, it’s good to at least know these things.juice_pulp_cracker
  • I’ve been in a dehydrating phase lately, and have been making juice pulp crackers. I’ll share more next week, but, juice pulp makes a pretty decent cracker you can feel good about! Nevermind that mine are currently red – it’s all about what you put in the juice that determines what the cracker looks like. Winking smile
  • Here’s a video with a former guest contributor, Bianca Osbourne, giving us a lesson in why it’s good to soak your almonds, as well as a recipe for vegan almond mayoI’m a no-mayo kind of gal – it has never been my thing – but for the mayo people, you may want to check this out!
  • Lastly, a thought that has been on my mind for a while. As we approach summer, so many people (myself included) want to get in shape quickly and be ready for swimsuit season. It’s easy to get caught up in pounds and calories and all sorts of other things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of your life. If you’re on a healthy eating/healthy living journey, what’s important is progress, not perfection. The journey, not the destination. Make small changes every day and you will see big change. Choose the right thing to do today, and it will more than likely carry over to tomorrow.

As I bid you adieu, here’s what’s on tap for my weekend – lots of time on the bike. For once, the weekend will not involve any kind of paint or paint-related project. We are taking a fun weekend to celebrate finishing our great room! And, you can’t tell in this picture, but this bike outfit is a custom Brobst Design Works powered by Test Kitchen Tuesday get up. 2Chili and I made up custom bike outfits for his business, and little ‘ol TKT got a small part in the action. We’ll wear these at bike races and triathlons this summer.


Have a great one, and I’ll catch you on the flip side!

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