Friday Round Up–3/29/13

For the record, I don’t really care for April Fool’s Day, which is just around the corner and falls on a Monday this year. Nothing like a Monday to make people even more gullible to the nonsense that will certainly ensue!

Anyway, here are a few random tidbits for this week:

  • Are you B12 deficient? It’s thought that this is a vegetarian/vegan issue, but in reality, people with all sorts of diets can be B12 deficient. The important thing here if you choose to supplement is to choose methylcobalamin over cyanocobalamin if you can, as it is a more active form. I take a methyl B-12 from Jarrow because I rarely eat meat, so I know I am not getting enough B-12, which isn’t really found in the plant kingdom. If you’re unsure, a simple blood test from your doctor will let you know.
  • We have had a little bit of turf war going on at our house for “dibs” on the dog bed. Our people bed is in storage right now (with all our other “good” furniture), but the dog does have the custom bed 2Chili built for her. Except, her cat sister feels it’s hers. If one leaves, the other swoops in, and it repeats like this all day!
  • Why I put avocado in a lot of my smoothies: Besides making them creamy, the fats in avocado help your body absorb the other nutrients in the smoothie, especially in green smoothies, as well as help keep you satiated.
  • I have been hearing a lot about fluoride lately. Contrary to what we were told in the past, it is not good for your teeth or body, yet, many cities continue to fluoridate their water supplies, including where we live. Here is a video from Dr. Frank Lipman about the issue. in my readings, I’ve found out that several things are effective fluoride detoxes: Magnesium and iodine are two that I personally use, though I didn’t know they also had that benefit until recently! I drink a cup of Natural Calm in the evenings to help me sleep, and, sprinkle dulse powder on my salads most days.
  • We have been flying on home improvement progress lately, and are in a 3-week straight block of working on the house on the weekends plus after work. While tiring, this effort has made it so that we’ll have a finished family room, coat closet, foyer, and powder room in mid/late April. And then, we’re going to collapse. Just kidding, we’ll rest a while and finally tackle the kitchen. I am excited to share these rooms with you, and even more excited to go claim our couch from storage very soon.

Spring is springing, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Spend some of it outside if you can!

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