1 Million Page View Celebration Giveaway–Winners Announced!

Thanks to all who entered my little celebratory giveaway. I truly enjoyed your comments about your favorite foods, and I noticed a few trends:

  • You love avocados. I do too, they are a true super food.
  • You love fermented foods like kimchi. I am going to try kimchi this year. And, speaking of fermentation, if you have never tried kombucha, do it!
  • You love, love, love coconut oil. I do too! It is so versatile and can really provide healing effects. 2Chili believes if I was stranded on a desert island I could survive solely on coconut. This is entirely true.

The hardest thing about this giveaway was restraining myself from getting into conversations with you all in the comments section so as not to mess up the giveaway count! I really wanted to agree with you, ask questions, or generally support your comments, but, I held back as best I could.

Anyway, on to the winners! I did a random drawing via the Random.org random number generator. Once I removed comments from myself, or multiple comments in a thread about a particular topic, there were 26 entries (good odds!).


And so, those numbers translate to these winners:

Comment #2: Nancy, one of our kimchi fans!


Comment #10: Josie, a fan of Chia seeds (I love them too)


Comment #24: Wouldn’t you know, this one was from my mom. I can’t take away a prize from my mom, now can I? That wouldn’t be nice! So, I am going to send her her choice of the prizes, but also picked a bonus winner below.


Bonus winner!


Comment #16: Dawn, who likes the virtues of apple cider vinegar. I smell a post coming on about the benefits of ACV – it is fantastic for your health.


Now what?

Well, I need to send the winners their prize.  I’ll send each of the winners a direct email today to get more info from you, and have you select which of the three prizes on offer you wish to receive. You have your choice of items spelled out in this post.

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