Get it While it’s FREE!

For those that have been with me all year, I have mentioned before that 2012 was a bit trying around these parts, for a variety of reasons. I am exiting the year with a bit more gray hair than I started, but I sure know a lot more about…well, a lot more things than I did when it started. “Educational” aspects aside, I am happy to bid adieu to 2012. I’m so happy we are in 2013, in fact, that I’m doing something fun to celebrate.

Today, tomorrow, and Thursday (January 1-3, 2013) you can get my ebook, The Ninja Blender Handbook, completely free on Amazon. This is a three-day only deal, so like they say, “Act fast, this won’t last!” Go grab yours, and tell a friend!

A reminder, too, that you don’t need a Kindle to read a Kindle book. Amazon offers a free Kindle app for iPhone, iPad, Android (phone and tablet), Windows Phone, and your PC, so you can read with ease, pretty much regardless of your device. As a total aside, I absolutely love my Kindle. It is probably my most favorite gadget, next to my Ninja Blenders, of course.

Lastly, we are approaching a really significant milestone at Test Kitchen Tuesday, and you all know I get a little “gifty” around blog milestones. I am thinking up the details now, but, stay tuned for more milestone mania in the next month or so.

Happy New Year from the Pacific Northwest – here’s to a fabulous 2013!


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