Just in Time for Christmas!

Friends, I have big news.

I have been diligently working behind the scenes on a pet project, and I’m excited to announce that I have officially published a Kindle Book on Amazon. If you follow my social media feeds, you likely saw this info yesterday, the official publication date. Or, maybe you saw a new ad pop up on my sidebar. I want thank all of you who sent nice notes and congratulations!

Of course the book in question is a Ninja Blender recipe book, with 50 recipes, tips, tricks, and troubleshooting for the Ninja Blender (and KS, Pulse, and Mega KS).


I have compiled and updated all of my Ninja Blender recipes (and some you haven’t seen before), provided more prescriptive guidance as to jar and blade choice by model, as well as included consolidated “how-tos” on several much-inquired about topics. I also included very detailed nutritional information for macro and micronutrients for all the recipes.

The recipes have a healthy bent to them because that is how I eat and had to stay true to my guiding principles. But, because not everyone wants to eat super healthy all the time, I tried to structure it as a recipe book that is also an idea book – to provide guidance for creating, but also to provide tried and true recipes that I know work. It was a balancing act, so hopefully that comes through in the final version.

The beauty of publishing an eBook over a traditional print book is that I can easily update it. So, if I want to add additional sections or recipes, it is fairly easy to do and is done quickly. Additionally, I didn’t need a publishing house, which removes the middle man and makes it possible to sell the book at a much lower price.

For those that are Amazon Prime members, you can borrow the book for FREE from the Kindle Lending Library! You don’t need a Kindle, either. Just download the free Kindle app and you can read it from your computer. I often read Kindle books interchangeably between my Kindle Fire, PC, and iPhone – it is just so convenient and the app always knows where you left off (that’s cloud computing hard at work!).

I have learned a lot about publishing on Kindle and am proud of this first edition – and look forward to updating it in the future as I have more to say. From start to finish, I did every step in the process, from figuring out the HTML formatting to designing the front cover (which was the hardest element for me, honestly, I am much better with words than images).

For years, people have been telling me to write a book. I have heard, “You should write a book,” more times than I can count. I had never given it much thought because I write for a living. Day in and day out, I write book equivalents, they just never make their way into the mainstream because, well, because technical documentation marketing materials aren’t exactly New York Times Bestseller material.

But, like everything in life, timing is everything. Both the time and topic were finally right.image

I want to thank all of you for your support. You have helped make this blog a success and have made me so excited and energized to share my crazy thoughts with you.

I love reading your comments and emails, and it tickles me pink to have such a great group of folks that regularly share their comments, questions, and support.

Wishing you a warm holiday season, and as always, thanks for reading!

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