Famous Family

I mentioned a long time ago that when I was a kid, my grandmother made the absolute best strawberry ice cream. What I didn’t mention was that she made it with strawberries that her son, my uncle, grew.

My mom’s side of the family is from Poteet, a small (very small) agricultural town in South Texas, not far from San Antonio. I vividly remember playing with cousins in/around the strawberry fields as a kid, and picking berries right off the vine to enjoy. It doesn’t get much better.

Right now the buzz in the family is that Uncle Ronnie is featured in a commercial. He provides all of the strawberries for Texas grocery chain’s special strawberry ice cream, and they made the trek to Poteet to film a little spot with him. I think it’s a neat little commercial, so wanted to share.

Just click the picture below to launch a new window in You Tube.


Happy Friday all!

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