Exciting News in the World of Ninja Blenders!

Ninja blender fans, we have something new to get excited about!

I was flipping through channels last night and stumbled upon something I had not heard of yet: The Ninja Mega Kitchen. No, contrary to what you might think, I have no affiliation with the Ninja people, so I hear about new products just like you would – infomercials.

There are a few things that excite me about this new offering:

  • Power: It’s up to 1500 watts. Holy cow, that is a lot!
  • Accessories: It now comes with accessories so that you can grate cheese and veggies – so it really can replace your food processor
  • Single serve blending: It’s matching its little brother, the Ninja Pulse, with the ability to do single serve blending (16 ounce cups).

The price point is $199, so, very much inline with their existing pricing model. I plan to order one of these guys in the coming weeks and give you a full review. If anyone has tried it, definitely let us know.

In related news, I thought I’d add a little commentary here on my thoughts on “upgrades.” I work in the world of software, where there is a new version always around in the corner. It makes it hard for consumers to determine when to “pull the trigger” on a new purchase, as they feel the next big thing is always around the corner.

I certainly fall into that “wait and see” category as well. I bought the original Ninja Professional Blender 1100, and found it very much ample for my needs. And, later, I bought the Ninja Pulse and found it awesome, because it came with single serve blending and a few options I didn’t have with the Ninja Pro Blender.

However, now that my Ninja Professional is two years old, I feel like it would be acceptable to treat myself to the latest model – upgrade and try the new thing – and donate my older model to a charity so someone else can enjoy it. I certainly have gotten my money out of it (and then some).

The fact is, Ninja is going to keep innovating, as they should, if they want to continue to gain market share. It comes down to consumer demand, and as long as consumers want the new models, there will be new models. So, it’s really personal choice/need when I decide to upgrade or not.

Okay, that was more than a little commentary. How do you feel about product upgrades like this?

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