Reader Request: Making Rice Flour with the Ninja Blender

Earlier this week Ruth left a comment on one of my posts wondering about the ability for the Ninja Blender to grind up rice to make flour. Considering my kitchen is in total disarray, her timing couldn’t have been better. Cooking this week = not so much. Blending this week = very much so!

This is a very easy project, and it’ll make you second guess buying pre-packaged rice flour in the future. For Ruth’s request, she specifically mentioned using rice soaked overnight. Whether or not you do this step is up to you.

Making Rice Flour with a Ninja Blender

Step 1 – (Optional) – Soak one cup of rice overnight, then drain and let dry completely. You could blend up to four cups of rice at a time, I think, but one cup is a nice starter amount.


Side note: For what it’s worth, I used brown basmati rice for this experiment, but you could use any rice you like. It is generally accepted that basmati rice should be soaked before being cooked to preserve the flavor, but I don’t know if this holds true when turning it to flour!

Step 2 – Add rice to the Ninja Blender.


Step 3 – Blend on level 3 until you get a consistency you like, stopping to press down rice on the sides if needed.


That’s it – easy as 1-2-3!


1 cup of uncooked soaked rice yielded about 1.5 cups of rice flour for me.


I am definitely not an expert in baking or cooking with rice flour, but have read that you can replace 1 cup of white flour with 3/4 cup of rice flour.

Have Ninja Blender Recipe or Process Questions?
Well, then let me know! I am always happy to break out the ol’ Ninja for the sake of helping you out and learning new things! Thanks Ruth for this topic idea!

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