Making Due

Yesterday, I told you guys about our newest project – a mid-century modern fixer upper in need of some serious TLC.

For the most part, it is 100% original. Nothing (I mean nothing) has been changed in 50 years, with the exception of the boiler and the wiring, which thankfully have been updated.

We are no strangers to moving into gross old homes, but this particular kitchen is more disgusting than most. So much so that we decided not to bother even trying to clean it, but rather, have set up a temporary kitchen in the family room. It reminds me a bit of a craft services table.


You’ll notice more packaged”food than we normally have, and that is simply due to necessity. Our diets just got very, very simple for the time being! (Or, at least till we head back to Bend for a while).

The key to surviving a massive remodel is to be flexible but also to plan ahead for the worst case, knowing nothing is permanent – everything is temporary. The length of the temporariness just depends on how fast we can pull our plans together. So far, it’s going swimmingly and we are making progress on a few items that are essential but not “pretty” – taking out a lot of concrete to put in some grass for the dog, and re-building the carport that was falling down. Then the fun will start!


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