Be Well Cleanse: Early Check In

Last week I noted that I planned to start Dr. Frank Lipton’s Be Well cleanse this week, and it is in full swing! I decided to do this particular cleanse after finding out I am moderately hypothyroid, as a way to flush out my system and get a good kick-start into eating slightly differently. I already eat very healthfully, but I need to make a few more modifications to my diet even still. So, a cleanse seemed like the way to go to get started.

Since we are in the middle of renovation reality right now, this is really taking some planning, and is more of a “raw food” cleanse since I can’t cook, right now, but so far, so good! The cleanse does come with recipes for those with a kitchen, which I would assume is 99.9% of people!

I waited until after a duathlon (run-bike-run race) that 2Chili and I had planned for last weekend to start this cleanse, because I didn’t want to go into the race low on calories. And, speaking of the race, it was a big success!

Being October in Seattle, it was raining buckets (though nothing like what our friends on the East Coast are going through right now), so we ended up soaked to the bone and covered in road grime. But it was fun, and we had a good race!


Anyway, as far as the cleanse goes, I’ll do an in-depth review when it is over. It’s a 14-day full system, so I definitely have a mountain still to climb and I am only at the very base of it.

I will say that Day 1 was harder than I thought it would be. I spent last week sort of prepping – getting the caffeine, sugar, and any processed foods out of my diet, but, I still ran into a fairly significant headache for a good portion of the day. I guess my daily iced tea has more of a caffeine impact on me than I thought!

For those in the East, we are thinking of you, and hope Sandy gets out of town in a hurry!

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