Project: Food Budget–Week 30

By now, the news that we had a bit of a flood in the kitchen last Friday is old news. Since it is torn apart and we can’t use the dishwasher, I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking – and our grocery food budget was pretty small this week. Our eating out food budget is through the roof, but that is in part because we had a guest over the weekend, and in part because I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking!

Total for the week: $40.23 – Mostly “2Chili” items – cereal, milk, juice, snacks

Total for the month: $262.20

Goal for the month: $350

I wasn’t much in a photo-taking mood when we went shopping Friday night, as that was the evening of the disaster and we were prepping for a guest to come later that night. Yes, we take late arrivals around these parts! We also require early check out. Ha!

This next week will be an odd one as well, as we are heading over to Eugene, OR, for a half marathon “race” I am doing on Sunday. I say “race” because I am woefully  underprepared and have zero expectations. My race calendar this year has been shaken up quite a bit due to the crazy first half of the year we had. I have changed focus by dropping the Half Ironman I was planning, so running has suffered. That doesn’t mean we won’t go and have a good time, though! This one will be for fun and for atmosphere – the Eugene Marathon and Half is a first-class production, so at least it will be a good event!

This is how I predict the race will end  — keeled over!


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