Project: Food Budget–Week 7

We had a bit of a crazy start to our week as our sweet Pipa decided it would be a good idea to get pipa1-2into her food bag and basically eat until she couldn’t eat anymore! A slightly cracked pantry door let her in, and while we were off on a bike ride while she apparently chowed down.

Pipa has never done something like this before, so it took us a while to piece it all together to figure out what had happened. According to the vet, this is apparently not an uncommon behavior from Labs, the opportunistic dogs that they are. And, in talking to people over the week, everyone seems to have their “My dog ate THIS,” story. Thankfully, she has now recovered from her kibble extravaganza, but, our little Carrot Monster sure had a hard few days.

Moving on to this week’s food budget.  Nothing terribly exciting to report, except that it is mandarin/satsuma season, which I do enjoy!

Total spend this week: $66.26


Fruits and Veggies: Organic Braeburn apples (my favorite), Comice pears, bananas, organic Yukon Gold potatoes, red bell peppers, organic baby carrots (for the dog, again), yellow onion, organic zucchini, organic broccoli, organic cauliflower, frozen corn, baby spinach, satsuma oranges

Convenience: Mac-n-cheese (for 2Chili), Teeccino, tortilla chips, almond milk, Corn Thins, orange juice (for 2Chili)

Canned: Black beans

Dairy and eggs: Cage free eggs, mozzarella cheese


Menu for the Week:

2Chili had to go back to Seattle on Wednesday for a bit, so I am on my own for the back half of this week, which means lots of soups and stews. He is not a soup fan (aside from chili), so I am taking full advantage of this opportunity!

Budget Buddies Represent!

Want to come on this journey with us? Come on, you know you want to! The details are here.

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