I Can’t Make This Stuff Up

You guys might remember that a few months ago, one of the burners on our gas cooktop exploded while I was using it. That was scary! And, unexpected, as we had just moved into a brand new house with fancy-pantsy Dacor appliances.

I never mentioned that when we moved in, the furnace didn’t work or that the gas meter leaked. Those things didn’t seem worth mentioning. But, I feel I have to mention them now to share with you our latest debacle – a flooded kitchen!

It seems things always go wrong for us on Fridays, and we have had a string of doozies the last few Fridays. This last one was a real doozie, and it reared its ugly head after lunch on Friday.


Just what I wanted! Ripping out hardwood flooring in a house that isn’t even a year old yet! When we bought this house, we were so excited because for once, we weren’t buying a filthy dump that we were going to have to renovate for three years. We could finally get a place that was already nice!

To be fair, the culprit here was a faulty faucet that had been leaking internally for probably months before letting us know there was a problem by leaking externally. The plumber said he’s never seen this. The builder said he’s never seen this. I really don’t like being the outlier!

In any case, it’s in the process of being fixed, but my kitchen is fairly out of commission again.

This panorama is a little blurry but you sort of get the idea:


I feel like the third time typically is the charm, so fingers crossed that once this is fixed we are good to go!

I do have a post planned this week, so I’ll be back on Wednesday with a non-cooking post. Have a good week all!

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