Project: Food Budget–Week 23

This was an interesting food budget week indeed. Not because it truly was interesting, but because I had a surprise root canal last Friday. Did you know root canals are a three-step process? I had no idea! So, when the dentist said he could do it while I was there Friday morning, I thought that would be it. That is, until he told me to come back on Tuesday. Tuesday seemed like the same procedure completed a second time, and I have to go back once more to get a crown. Wowza. As self-employed people, we don’t have dental insurance, so my vacation budget went straight to my teeth!

So, why does this make the food budget interesting? Well, truthfully, because I have been consuming some very repetitive meals.  That is also why I have been pretty quiet on posts this week. Not a lot of food creativity has been going on in my kitchen!

Notably, Trader Joe’s had organic red bell peppers for $.99 each – what a great deal!


If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you might recognize this backdrop as our Seattle kitchen. We’re back in Sea-town for a couple weeks taking care of some business. I haven’t wanted to talk about it because it has been such a roller coaster, but at this point, I feel confident letting you guys know we sold our home in Seattle. So, when we leave this time, that’ll be all she wrote – we won’t be coming  back to this house.

The house selling drama has been a long one, so I won’t bore you with the details. But, after listing it for sale last summer, having second thoughts, taking it off the market, thinking we were going to keep it off the market, re-financing, deciding we wanted to sell after all, re-listing, selling, dealing with bad realtors, bad appraisers and other crazy things, we are both relieved to just be moving on – regardless of if this was the right or wrong decision. When you take a home that is pretty much in shambles and remodel it completely, it can be hard to leave – but we have done it before and I am sure we will do it again after this one. To paraphrase Popeye, “We yams who we yams.”

Oh boy, I am very off topic now! Here’s the damage!

Total this week: $77.11

Budget for the month: $325

Menu for the Week:

I have found that I do okay with veggie stir fry and a sweet potato with the dental work. 2Chili has been on his own to make his dinners, which seem to be veggie burgers with potatoes. I think we are both looking forward to more normal menus next week when this tooth saga is over!

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