When Peanuts and Coconuts Collide…

…things don’t go as planned! I had hoped to post a very delicious recipe for you guys today for coconut peanut butter. A reader sent me an email last week with a question on how I would go about making it with the Ninja (thanks Laurie!) and so I set out to concoct what was sure to be a delicious spread!image

Annnddddd….not so much on the first try. I added way too much coconut, so it didn’t quite work out as planned. But, now I have a starting point and will go after it again this weekend when I can get some more peanuts. The good news is that the spread that I have will be great when mixed with some dates and made into energy balls. So, not all is lost!

Times have been a little on the more stressful side around the TKT world lately, and while I can’t really talk about it now, soon I’ll give you guys an update on what’s really been happening around here. And, I plan to start up the Test Kitchen Tuesday recipe tests again this week after a bit of a hiatus. We have fallen into an eating rut so I need to get some creativity back into the kitchen!

In lieu of a new recipe this week, I thought I’d give you a few links to things that are on my “to-try” list right now:

  • Black Bean Soup from Eating Well
  • Quinoa and Sweet Potato Cakes from Whole Foods Market
  • Endurance Crackers from Oh She Glows
  • Kale Lasagna Diavlo from Vegetarian Times
  • Gluten-Free Vegan Meatloaf from Healthful Pursuit (guest post from Tasty Yummies)

Have a great Tuesday and I’ll be back tomorrow with the results of our TKT!

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