Project: Food Budget–Week 18

Did I make it to the $325 January  budget?

…Drumroll please….NO!


Never fear, this is not the end of the world! I hit my original monthly budget of $350, and I went over knowingly.

We have another one of those weird weeks on tap where I am in Bend and 2Chili has gone to Seattle, which means I needed to be amply stocked, as I don’t have a car in Bend when he is gone. We have been passing like ships in the night a bit lately; one of us in Seattle, the other in Bend, but this trend shouldn’t continue too much longer.

With almost $100 of runway room after last week, you’d think I could make it in under budget, but it just shows you, nothing is a sure thing!

This week: $115.29
Goal for the month: $325
Total for the month: $345.05
Over: $20.05

Trader Joe’s

I had a few splurges: Zico Coconut water and Mango Sherbet, but otherwise nothing really out of the ordinary – lots of green veggies, sweet potatoes, some goat cheese, and some whey protein powder, amongst 2Chili’s pantry staples of cereal and cookies. This winter lighting is just no good for taking photos at night!



This was my emergency-just-got-into-town stop on Wednesday, because I had been in Seattle for the first part of last week. Vinegar is an emergency? Yes, yes it is. Because of the dry air in Central Oregon, we run humidifiers constantly to cut down on the static in the air (you may remember I fried a hard drive a while back – it was due to an electrical shock), and they have to be cleaned with white vinegar. The apple cider vinegar was just because.


Weekly Menu

I didn’t go too fancy this week. I am just not in a huge cooking “place” right now, which happens. That doesn’t mean I give up on healthy, though!

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