Project: Food Budget–Week 10

I’m sorry to report that this is a very boring P:FB week!

I am flying solo in the Jet City, while 2Chili holds down the fort and entertains the pets in Bend. That means my grocery order was of the simplest proportions to just get me through the week. I was welcomed into town to see that we have a view again! That meant a lot of raking on Sunday afternoon. This was also the only day I have seen sun since I’ve been back.


Luckily, my penchant for freezing individual portions of leftovers has come in very handy, as I had just enough in the freezer to have dinner every night this week without having to cook! When we’re back together in a couple of weeks I will re-stock the freezer and be set again for my next solo venture. The freezer is your friend!

I ordered from Amazon Fresh for convenience sake, and for the first time ever, was highly disappointed. My fruit was pretty much all bruised up, the spinach was wilted, the kale was waterlogged, and the bananas were tiny and battered like they’d been in a cage fight. So, I am officially done with what used to be such a nice convenience in our lives!

I forgot to take a photo, but the order was mostly fruits and vegetables, with some pre-made hummus and some coconut milk thrown in for good measure.


Next week we’ll be back to normal, and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of stocking up to do as 2Chili will have pretty much used up all the groceries at his disposal while I was gone.

No meal plan this week – just lots of leftovers.

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