Friday Round Up–4/5/13

Hi, friends! We made it to another Friday, so time for a few random tidbits. Here are a few things that caught  my attention this week:

  • Kale is the new beef. I am a kale fan, and, after you read this article, you will be too! Can’t stand to eat it raw? Try making kale chips, or, blend it in a fruit smoothie to get all the nutrients without having to chew.
  • I was honored to be featured on Emily Levenson’s blog this week as an “Everyday Hero.” This series is fantastic and I’m in the company of some amazing women. Thanks Emily, for the article and being downright amazing yourself!
  • Last week, I wrote about uncovering some food sensitivities, and have had a great response from folks wanting to know more. Food allergies and sensitivities are more and more common these days. I came across this article that talks about the impact of tap water on our rising instances of food allergies as a society. Interesting connection.
  • The trainer behind Fit2Fat2Fit is at it again, this time, he’s doing “Fit2Mass,” in an effort to show men and women how to gain muscle mass and lose fat. This is an interesting idea if you’re looking to add muscle!
  • Ataulfo Mangos are on a huge sale today at Whole Foods – this is a bargain of $.50/each!


Lastly, I want to say thanks very much to folks that have read/are using my book and left a review on Amazon. I am truly humbled by the reviews that have been left to date, and I appreciate your ongoing support and feedback.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

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