Friday Round Up–3/15/13

Friday, we meet again!

Here’s a collection of some random thoughts and things I found interesting this week.

  • Actor Peter Sarsgaard shares how he went from “Chunky to Reasonable in this video on Dr. Frank Lipman’s blog. He also makes a green drink and shares his recipe. It’s pretty simple and sounds good to me!
  • Justin Timberlake is incredibly talented. We always enjoy when he hosts Saturday Night Live, and in last week’s episode, he did a funny version of one of his “take it on down” skits with “Take it on Down to Veganville.” Good for a chuckle, no matter your diet preferences.


  • Last weekend, I did a half marathon using a new kind of fuel: Real Food. For the first time ever, after an an endurance event, I had zero GI distress. Runners know what I’m talking about: Finish race + too many gels/Gus = “ooohhhh, I don’t feel so good.” What did I eat? These blueberry Lara bar copycats rolled into balls. I had the equivalent of 1.5 bars, but rolled up in two-bite balls carried in a snack-sized ziptop bag. They were perfect! Tomorrow, I’m running even longer, and plan to put them to the test again.
  • Is Daylight Savings time messing with you, too? This week has been a challenge, but I am enjoying the longer daylight hours!  Now, to figure out how to change my various watches, car clock, and everything else that tells time and doesn’t automatically change itself.
  • We were supposed to be on a working getaway to San Juan Island this week, but a slow Internet connection squashed that almost instantly. It’s hard to work when you can’t get Outlook to load, so, we really had an overnight trip to a nice waterfront getaway that took 4 hours each way to reach (you have to drive north 90 minutes and then take a 2 hour ferry, and then drive some more, so it is a pretty decent journey). Pipa enjoyed herself, as did the boss of this operation, our finicky grey cat. Doesn’t it look serene? It was! Someday we’ll go back, when there is no work involved.



And with that, I hope you have a good weekend! Thanks for reading!

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