Random Friday Thoughts–3/1


We made it to another Friday!

Well honestly, this week flew by. It has been busy around these parts. We have reverted from our soft “only work on our house on the weekend” mentality, to, as 2Chili said, “we need to start building a house like we used to – that means after work, too!” Nothing like sanding drywall on a Wednesday night, I say. (No, I really don’t say this.)

Why the urgency? We need to bring our couch home. After 6 months of living without a lot of modern luxuries due to the remodel – no “real” kitchen, no microwave oven, a shower wrapped in painter’s plastic (long story) –  the one thing that is driving us both batty is not having our comfy, cozy, sectional couch. This couch is set up in such a way that we each have a spot, and, the cat and dog have a spot too. And, it’s been in storage since September, when we moved everything back to Seattle from Bend.

Truth be told, we are about a month away from finishing our family room, and it is going to be killer when it’s done. I can’t wait to share pics with you, but don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Meantime, sweet Pipa dog is honestly not too bothered about not having her couch. After all, she has a  quarter scale version of a human bed that sits next to my “desk.” She is currently sawing some logs in doggy dreamland.


In other news, I haven’t talked much about my extra curricular activities lately, but I am running the Lake Sammamish half marathon next weekend. I am not running it for a time goal, or for anything other than to have a supported run of 13.1 miles, as it’s not my ‘”important” race of the year – just practice. It should be  a slog fest! I did this race last year (also not for a time goal) and it was predictably about 46 degrees and raining. In fact, here is a picture from the race last year. Looks like fun, right?! Honestly, this weather is just about perfect for a long race – that way you don’t overheat. The race is on a pancake flat bike trail, so it’s not exciting per se, but it is very safe.


And those, friends, are the only things going on this week. Do you have anything good on tap for the weekend? Hopefully your weekend doesn’t involve sanding drywall! Smile

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