When I Say We Have “No Kitchen…”

I mean, we have no kitchen!!


Thought I’d do a quick remodel check in for you guys to let you know what’s going on in crazy fixer-land.

We are just about done pulling stuff out of the front half of the house. That means we’re down to:

  • One functioning bathroom
  • Power in only two outlets
  • No kitchen
  • No flooring
  • And mostly no walls

Ah, yes, it is camping at its finest. I never have been much of a camper, but I am learning to get creative.

To quote Darius Rucker, “it won’t be like this for long.”

We have been down this road a few times now, and we always come out the other side just fine. The hardest part truly is ripping out all the old stuff, determining what surprises you face, and creating a plan of attack to fix them.

Thankfully, we haven’t faced too many surprises yet, but I will say, this is the third house we’ve gutted, and the third house that has previously had a mouse problem. In other words, I am glad we are opening up all the walls and ceilings – it gives us a chance to abate everything and properly seal up the house. Ignorance is bliss, but knowing is far better when it comes to where you lay your head!

We borrowed a construction dump truck last weekend to make a visit to the dump, and our worker dog was in tow. She wasn’t so crazy about a work truck though – she is used to her blanket! This is a glimpse inside the King County Transfer Station, AKA “The Dump.”


Laundry, anyone?


We are starting to think about putting stuff back in, so I’ll do an update when we start having forward progress.

Hope you are having a good week!

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