Reminder: Be Sure to Enter the Nordic Naturals Giveaway by Tomorrow Night (9/11!) and an Update on My Location

Hi everyone, just a quick reminder today. The giveaway for the Nordic Naturals 3.6.9 ends tomorrow. Be sure to let me know in the comments of this post if you want your name in the hat for the goodies!

I have been a little quiet lately because we were in the process of moving all our stuff from our vacation getaway in Bend, Oregon, back to Seattle. We are one-home homeowners again, and of course, it’s our fixer-upper! Bend has gone buh-bye for now.


For those scratching your heads, yes, this is confusing! I’ll wrap it up for you:

  • Last summer, we bought a house in Bend to get away to – it’s fantastic there!
  • We loved Bend so much, we sold our main house in Seattle (we were ready to sell that place – it was time)
  • We only had one house – in Bend – for a while, but work demands kept us coming back to Seattle frequently
  • We decided to buy another fixer in Seattle
  • As remodels do, the fixer has started dominating our time, so we weren’t getting to Bend as much as we’d like
  • On a whim, we put our house on the market and it sold quickly – to people who didn’t even see it before they bought it (really!)
  • On a side note, we had some land in Tahoe that we decided to sell this year as well

And that, my friends, is how two people can do five real estate transactions in the span of a year. We are most definitely done transacting at this point – we want nothing to do with paying another realtor for a long time. So, you should be able to keep track of me a lot better now – we’ll be in Seattle!

I have been trying the Sun Warrior protein powder lately, so stay tuned for a review of that soon. Preliminary indication: it’s got a great nutrition profile…the taste is…well, it tastes like its ingredients. More on that soon!

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