Project: Food Budget–Week 37

37 weeks and still kicking on the food budgeting!

2Chili wants everyone to know that many of these week’s selections are his and I had nothing to do with them. It should be fairly clear to tell from the photo below whose items are whose…


Honestly, though, he didn’t do too badly. 2Chili has developed a chips and salsa habit to rival his father’s (which is saying something), and he keeps his sweets to vanilla sandwich cookies. It could be worse!

I don’t really care for shopping at Safeway because they generally don’t have what I want, and the organic foods section is weak, but you certainly can get a lot for a little as compared with other, more expensive…ahem Whole Foods…markets.

Total this week: $67.68
Total for the month: $145.04
Budget for the month: $350

Menu for the Week
We just did this shopping on Wednesday because we had been out of town over the weekend and into the early workweek…so no real menu to speak of is developed yet!

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