Project: Food Budget–Week 27

Isn’t it nice to be rounding the corner into Spring? While we haven’t really seen warm temperatures yet in the Central Oregon high desert — and we are getting plenty of rain — I can sense Spring on the horizon and am very ready for it!


Monday afternoon I got out briefly for a nice mountain bike ride during a break in weather patterns. You’d never know it had been pouring for three days solid – conditions were great!

Seasonal change excitement aside, I had a pretty good shopping week as well. Lots of good sales at Whole Foods, though I didn’t find any coupons for things I needed.


Notably, Champagne mangoes were on sale for 5 for $5, and y’all know I could live on mangoes, so that deal was too good to pass up. I also picked up a package of Teff, a a tiny ancient grain that I have on my list to try. Other items include a re-stock of chia seed, new brand of tempeh, plenty of parsnips, and a new favorite – Blue Diamond 1/2 almond//1/2 coconut milk.

Total for the Week: $82.18

Goal for the Month: $325

Menu for the Week:

  • Tempeh scramble with baked sweet potatoes
  • Pasta with homemade sauce and veggies (This sauce was a total whim and came out great – going to see if I can re-create it to post later)
  • Flatbread pizza with fresh pineapple topping
  • Vegan “tuna fish” sandwiches

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