Test Kitchen Tuesday: Vegetarian Sloppy Joes

It’s been a while, but this week we have a new Test Kitchen Tuesday. Last week, Debbie turned me on to a service called Food on the Table, which is a meal planning and grocery list building service.

It is so cool!

You go through some set up steps so it knows the types of food you like to eat, then, it helps you meal plan and build your grocery list based on what is on sale at stores near you. You can browse through a recipe database and select what you’d like to make that week, and even edit the ingredients in recipes that you put in your meal plan. Pure genius.

I used the service to help me build our grocery list, and, I picked out a few new recipes to try while I was at it, including this one. This recipe is so ridiculously simple you won’t believe it. And, it is so good even the omnivores in your household won’t miss the meat. If you’re looking to try a Meatless Monday or perhaps follow in Lance Armstrong’s footsteps and eat vegan or vegetarian two meals a day, this would be a good recipe in your arsenal!


Original Recipe: Food on the Table Vegetarian Sloppy Joes

Time Required:

  • 5 minutes to prep veggies
  • 10-15 minutes to sauté (the recipe says 30 total, but that is way too long)

Skill Level (out of 5): Plate

2Chili’s Taster Rating (out of 5): StarStarStarStarStar

His exact quote was, “I could eat that again.” Translated, that means, it was yummy!

The Cook’s Taster Rating (out of 5): StarStarStarStarStar
Seriously, yum. And easy. And fast.

Makes: The recipe says 6 servings, but I cut it in half and still had enough for six servings! It makes a lot!


Since this recipe is behind a (free) subscription service, I can’t give you a direct link to it. So, here is a screenshot of the ingredients and how it appeared to me in the service. You’ll see the little icons that show what is on sale at my local Safeway:


Note: I subbed out the vegetable oil for olive oil and the bell pepper for carrots, because Safeway didn’t have organic bell peppers and 2Chili – who did the shopping this week — knows better than to buy non-organic bell peppers (as they are on the dirty dozen). He also bought Safeway brand BBQ sauce because it doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup in it. That boy has come a long way!


(Click to enlarge.)


See, I told you this was easy!


Prepared exactly as stated above, which makes HUGE servings. For us, I cut the recipe in half and still had a ton.



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