Test Kitchen Tuesday For One: Veggie Yakisoba, and Café Flora Cookbook Winner

Wow, that was a long title!

First and foremost, let’s get to the winner of the Café Flora Cookbook. As I mentioned, the odds in this contest were very, very good. In all, there were five comments (entries), but one was from my mom, who graciously opted herself out of the contest.

So the winner is…drumroll please…Joanna, who was the 2nd commenter! Congratulations! I have already connected with Joanna and her cookbook is on its way from my buds over at Amazon.com.


Now, to the dinner. This week’s Test Kitchen Tuesday was a one-fer, as 2Chili is off participating in adventures unknown. Truth be told, I have been kind of looking forward to this one, as I have had a recipe on the brain for a while that I have put off making until a time when it would just be for me.

Veggie Yakisoba is one of my favorite things to order at our local catch-all Thai-Japanese-Chinese restaurant. 2Chili prefers chicken teriyaki and not much else from the Asian cuisine, so I knew this one would be pushing it for him. After I saw Mark Bittman make this on TV, I realized this is a pretty easy, fast, and customizable dish for one.


Veggie Yakisoba

Original Recipe: Yakisoba with Pork and Cabbage, The Minimalist (New York Times)

I used what I had on hand: broccolini, carrots, mushrooms and buckwheat yakisoba noodles.

Time Required: 10 minutes (seriously)

Skill Level (out of 5): Plate

The Cook’s Taster Rating (out of 5): StarStarStarStar


There are so many ways you could make this. I’m providing the nutrition on my version, with the broccolini, carrots, mushrooms, and buckwheat noodles based on 2 oz of dry pasta. I used low sodium soy sauce, and you’ll notice, the sodium is still pretty high! That pesky soy sauce…too bad it’s so good!


The Verdict:

This was so easy it was ridiculous! It was very tasty as well, though I probably  won’t make it often due to the unavoidable sodium content – it’ll more as a treat every now and then.

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