Project: Food Budget–Week 33

Wow, the last couple weeks have been quite a whirlwind, and May is determined to not let up!  My food budgeting has pretty much gone out the window as a result, as I have barely spent any time at home. While I got back in town Monday afternoon, 2Chili has been in California this entire week, and then we are back to Seattle for a few days this weekend. So, the eating at home needs are small, but I did make it to the store for a few things just to get me through Friday.


The skim milk and orange juice are for 2Chili, but otherwise everything else is right up my power alley. I have been on a coconut kick lately, so that’s why the coconut flakes and coconut milk. Also, in the jar are bulk candied pecans. Sadly, they aren’t very good – I need to get my mom’s recipe and just make them myself!

Total for the week: $59.02

Total for the month: $59.02

Goal for the month: $350

As you can see, we will be way under budget on groceries this month. But, we will be way over budget on eating out expenses! When I am in Seattle alone, I eat most meals at the cafeteria of my client, which is subsidized and very affordable (e.g., a big bowl of oatmeal is $1.05!) But, I balance that out by eating plenty from the Whole Foods hot bar. The Bellevue and Redmond, WA branches have perhaps the best Whole Foods hot bars you will ever see – they are massive and always full of deliciousness!

Speaking of Whole Foods hot bars, I was highly disappointed by the one in Mill Valley, CA. For such a densely populated area, the hot bar was really just a very small salad bar, no larger than what we have in Bend. Talk about letdown!

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