Project: Food Budget–Week 32

Sorry for the radio silence this week! I am currently in Seattle for work and have been having one of those packed weeks where every possible free moment is occupied with various meals/coffee dates/catch ups.

This week’s P:FB is going to be short and sweet because we bought $0 in groceries.

Since I’m out of town and and we have a planned mini-vacation this weekend, we just didn’t need any groceries at all. Therefore, I am going to give you cute pet photos instead. That seemed like a reasonable substitution.

This is the nightly ritual with our cat! I try to catch up on blogs and social media, and she gets in the way as much as possible – a good reminder to put the technology down and just “be” sometimes.


Pipa travels in her car with a pillow. This dog has the life!


I’ll be back next week with a more legitimate budget post. Have a good weekend all!

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