A Major Milestone in the Books

I think it is somewhat of blogger taboo to talk about page views and click stats and all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes of any given blog. I don’t know why really, but, alas, it is something most bloggers don’t share or don’t care to share,  or maybe care to share but don’t because it is taboo. Good thing I have never been much for following the rules!

To be honest, I started writing this blog (and still write it) because I am passionate about eating right, being healthy, and in general living a happy life. I like to create the occasional recipe, review the occasional product, feed my husband things he thought he wouldn’t like to prove he does like them, and, generally ramble on about random things. Somewhere along the way, people started reading what I was saying. Crazy things, I tell ya!

Yesterday, an even crazier thing happened. This little blog passed a major milestone that I would have never in my wildest dreams imagined. Someone was the 100,000th person to view content on Test Kitchen Tuesday since I started imageself hosting back in April of this year. I have sort of lost all the data from pre-April, but I can tell you readership was much lighter back then. And, to those select few of you that have been with me since the beginning, thank you!

While I don’t really worry too much about page views or click-throughs or any of that stuff that people with really successful blogs do, I do think it is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to have had visitors in the six figures!

I am a writer at heart – always have been – with a degree in journalism and no desire whatsoever to write the news. My day job involves writing technical documents, marketing materials, and executive presentations. I do a lot of paper pushing, too. Odds are, you have never read something I’ve written professionally – but if you have, you’d never know it because it had someone else’s name on it! How’s that for the plight of the writer? Many of us live in the shadows, putting words into other people’s mouths, speeches, and PowerPoint presentations, content to have crafted the perfect sentence than can be delivered perfectly.

But, while all that pays my bills, I could write and talk about sweet potatoes and Swiss chard and blending techniques all day long. Thankfully, you let me do that all I want because 2ChiliBreadBowl is really not all that into it! Ain’t technology grand?

In honor of this milestone, I just wanted to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone that drops by regularly, occasionally, or, when you need to blend something. You make me smile. You inspire me to keep writing. You make it rewarding. And, I couldn’t ask for anything more!


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