In Non-Food News…

I’m going to take a couple days off around these parts to recover from the Boise Ironman 70.3 triathlon. As you might imagine, I am a little tired!

But, I thought you might be interested to hear the outcome of the biggest sporting endeavor I’ve done so far. I wrote all about it here. But, here is the Cliff’s Notes version:

  • Swim: 1.2 miles. Oh-my-goodness this was cold! bikeThe water temperature was 53 degrees, which is basically like swimming in a cup of ice water. I managed to survive a small freak out induced by the temperature and make it out of the water just fine, but just a little slower than planned.
  • Bike: 56 miles. I love to bike, so this is my favorite leg of the triathlon. This was pretty much a non-event, and I finished a little ahead of projected schedule.
  • Run: 13.1 miles. This. Was. Hard. Ordinarily running half marathon is not that big of a deal (though I am not fast). But, after swimming and biking, it was pretty hard. I had my slowest half ever by quite a lot, but, I finished intact and coherent, and that is saying something.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with this week’s Test Kitchen Tuesday!


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