Project Food Budget: Week 7

This week could be otherwise known as the week the wheels fell off (sort of). I had a couple items on the list that I don’t normally buy which put us about $10 over. Not too big of a deal in the scheme of things, really, but still – I aim to do better next week!

Goal: $75
Actual: $85.78

This week, 2Chili asked for the chili I used to make before I went all vegified on him, which includes ground beef, so I obliged. I also bought a can of salmon, and a 3lb bag of sweet potatoes on a whim. Those three items pretty much account for my overage.

Here’s the detailed look:

Trader Joe’sQty.Extended Price ($)
TJ’s Mini Frosted Shredded Wheats2$5.98
Organic Sweet Potatoes – 3 lbs1$3.69
TJ’s Clover Honey1$4.49
TJ’s Organic Salt Free Marinara2$4.58
Organic Quinoa1$3.99
Canned Salmon No Salt1$1.99
Mini Milk Chocolate Bars2$3.58
Greek Yogurt2$5.58
All Purpose Unbleached Flour1$2.99
Dried Bing Cherries1$3.49
Dried Cranberries1$2.49
Dry Toasted Pecan Pieces1$3.99
Organic Fat Free Milk – 1 Gallon1$5.69
Amazon FreshQty.Extended Price ($)
WestSoy Seitan1$4.29
Tropicana Orange Juice1$6.79
Organic Prairie, Lean Ground Beef, 1 lb1$6.99
Uncle Ben’s Brown Rice1$2.99
Mission Flour Tortillas1$3.29
Bush’s Chili Beans1$1.29
Dole Pineapple Tidbits2$2.78

Observations for the Week:

  • 2Chili still prefers meat in his chili, but not too much. He thought one pound of ground beef for a big potful was a too much, which is interesting, because back in the day when I only made chili con carne, it always had one pound of ground beef. His tastes have clearly adapted to a mostly meat-free lifestyle.
  • I couldn’t bring myself to actually make his chili with the Bush’s Chili Beans – there is just so much sodium in them. I just bought the beans to get the recipe (which I couldn’t find online), as that was the base of what I used to make in the past. I plan to donate the can at my indoor triathlon on March 20, where they’re having a food drive.

Menu for the Week:

I am being lazy in the kitchen this week. I have a crazy week of swimming 5 out of 7 days, which requires so much more time and planning that my other workouts, so I’m cutting a few corners! I planned ahead and had lots of leftovers in the freezer for just this week.

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