Project: Food Budget–Week 5

I am starting to really get a hang of this! Here is this week’s damage:

Budget: $75
Actual: $75.28

Amazon FreshQty.Extended Price ($)
Baby Apple Medley1$3.99
Yellow Onion1$0.69
Baby Carrots, Organic, 1 lb Package1$2.29
Fiesta Frijol Pinto Beans, 32 oz1$3.59
Fiesta Garbanzo Beans, 16 oz1$1.39
Fiesta Light Red Dry Kidney Beans, 16 oz1$1.59
Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips1$3.29
Trader Joe’sQty.Extended Price ($)
Mediterranean Hummus1$3.99
Dark Roast Coffee1$4.49
Mini Milk Chocolate Bars (2Chili made me)2$3.58
Herbed Goat Cheese Log1$2.49
Large Cage Free Eggs1$2.57
TJ’s Mini Shredded Frosted Wheats2$5.98
12 Grain Crackers1$1.99
Low Sodium Veggie Broth2$3.98
Firm Tofu1$1.29
Greek Yogurt1$2.79
Organic Fat Free – Gallon1$5.69
Organic Green Bell Pepper2$2.99
Strawberry Preserves1$2.99
Dried Bing Cherries1$3.49
Almond Butter1$4.99
TJ’s No Salt Marinara Sauce2$4.58

Total: $75.28

Menu for the week:

  • Monday: BBQ Seitan Sandwiches with Home Fries
  • Tuesday: Easy Veggie Lasagna
  • Wednesday: Lentil Loaf with Balsamic Glaze (from Emily Levenson) with Broccolini
  • Thursday: Leftover Lasagna
  • Friday: Pasta with Arugula Pesto (long bike ride planned for Saturday = yay for carbs!)
  • Saturday: Enchiladas, 2Chili Style
  • Sunday: Leftovers

Observations for the week:

  • I realized when I was entering my receipts that one reason we are able to come close to the budget is I don’t buy that many fully processed foods. That’s a good thing, and it’s lighter on the pocketbook too. I’d say we’ve been falling into the 80/20 rule: 80% “ingredients” and 20% ready-to-eat, or pre-packaged.
  • The baby apples from Amazon were a bad purchase. That is the one downer to buying produce online – you can’t tell exactly what you are getting. There turned out to be 5 baby apples (about half the size of a normal apple) for $3.99. So, not the best value.
  • One big money saver for us is bread. I have been making our bread for about a year  now – and that has turned out to be a huge saver. Bread without HFCS in it is pretty expensive to buy, but cheap to make! This is the bread that is 2Chili’s favorite. I either make a French loaf or put it into a pan and have a traditional loaf out of it.

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