Tuesday Flashback: Butternut Squash Orzo

I am digging into the wayback machine this week for a little help while I’m busy with a few work projects.

This recipe is an oldie, but a goodie! Even though it’s from December of 2010, I love this recipe and it was from a time when I was just starting to build this blog, so has been seen by very few. You can read the original post here for a bit of the inspiration behind the dish.

This photo makes me reminiscent for the kitchen in our last house – I see the slate backsplash peeking just into view and remember what it was like to have a finished kitchen, complete with sink, dishwasher, and range. But, I am fairly certain that in the next 2-3 weeks I’ll be showing you photos of our brand new kitchen in our current fixer. You’ll just have to hang tight to see how it turns out. (Brief update: Counters have been installed – we’re in the home stretch now!)

Meantime, get your butternut squash (or even pumpkin) ready, and try an easy orzo that comes together in a snap!


Butternut Squash Orzo

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Makes: 3 servings

Time required: 20 minutes


  • 1 cup dry orzo pasta
  • 1 medium zucchini, quartered and chopped
  • 3 cups low sodium vegetable broth
  • 1.5 cups cubed and roasted (or otherwise cooked) butternut squash
  • 1 cup green chard, center stalk removed and chopped or cut into ribbons (you could substitute any number of greens, including spinach, if you don’t have chard)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Add orzo and vegetable broth to a medium sauce pan and bring to a boil
  • Boil for 12 minutes until pasta is cooked; While boiling, stir occasionally to prevent orzo from sticking to pan, removing pan from heat to stir
  • After about 6 minutes of boiling, add zucchini and butternut squash cubes
  • With about 2-3 minutes to go in boiling time, add the chopped green chard
  • Once pasta is cooked, reduce heat to a simmer and occasionally stir until most of the vegetable broth is absorbed by the pasta, about 5-10 minutes; The squash should be mostly dissolved into the mixture with a few little chunks remaning
  • While orzo is simmering, season with salt and pepper to taste (I didn’t add any)
  • Remove from heat and serve immediately

Nutritional Breakdown:

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