More Thoughts on the Ninja Ultima Blender

I’ve had the Ninja Ultima blender for several months now, and have a few added thoughts I want to share about my experiences with it so far. It has taken me a bit of time to use it in a lot of different scenarios, so I apologize for the delay in sharing this info!

While I stand behind it totally for those that really only want it for super smooth green smoothies, I haven’t found it to be as good for many things as its Ninja brethren, especially the Ninja Mega Kitchen System. My recommendation for most people continues to be the NInja Mega KS with single serve cups for the most versatile set up out of the Ninja line, unless they are very concerned with silky smooth green smoothies.

Ninja Ultima Observations:

The Good:

  • It is absolutely phenomenal with green smoothies – it pulverizes greens to a point where they are simply indiscernible, without or without added ice; This blender makes the absolute smoothest green smoothies of all the Ninja options
  • It is great for things like nut butter and homemade flours, and is especially good for almond butter, which can be somewhat challenging in other blenders due to how hard almonds are

The Bad:

  • When blending more solid items that don’t have a lot of volume, like dates or even coconut cream, the blender is simply inefficient. It spins out and gets to a point where it just plain stops combining ingredients, with or without the quad blade – this makes it useless for a lot of recipes. By combining a traditional blade with the quad blade, the blender just isn’t as good at really mixing up things without a lot of volume or liquid
  • It takes a bit longer to blend (I think) than the other Ninja Blenders, and it seems to be slightly louder.
  • It is taller than the Ninja Professional or Ninja Mega, and thus does not fit under my upper cabinets – this could be a concern for some folks

In Summary

Overall, it is a good blender and performs more like a traditional blender than the Ninja Mega or even the Pulse. I think one of the best things about the other Ninja Blenders is that they are more of a hybrid blender/food processor, and the sky is really the limit to what they can do. The Ultima is more of a super high powered blender that is great for smoothies and mixed drinks, and not as versatile for outside of the box blending. If you are using it in combo with a food processor, it may be just what you need.

I hope that is helpful information, and I will be updating my review of the Ultima (Part 1Part 2) to reflect this info as well. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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