Fast & Easy Three Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet

A while back, 2Chili asked me to pick him up some “sherbet or sorbet” at the grocery store. It was hot in Seattle, and he was craving cool refreshment.

It took some serious searching to find anything that I would remotely agree upon in the freezer aisle of the grocery store, and even then, I wasn’t totally thrilled with the ingredients. It was a case of the best worst thing.

After this little eye-opener, it was clear I needed to just make the frozen treat. Anyone can easily make a sorbet with just a few ingredients in a blender in about a minute. Since I lean towards strawberry when it comes to ice cream-type treats, that’s what we have here, but you can try other fruit combinations as well.

You can freeze this to let it set up harder, or, enjoy right away. If you freeze, I wouldn’t go longer than about 30  minutes.

Strawberry Sorbet | Test Kitchen Tuesday

Makes: 1 generous serving

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Time required: >5 minutes

Recommended Ninja Blender Jar:

  • Ninja Pulse: 40 ounce jar with standard blade
  • Ninja Professional Blender: 72 ounce jar with standard blade
  • Ninja Kitchen System: 72 ounce jar with standard blade
  • Ninja Mega Kitchen System: 72 ounce jar with standard blade
  • Ninja Ultima: 72 ounce jar without quad blade


  • 6 ounces orange juice
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen pineapple tidbits


  • Add all ingredients to the jar of your high-speed blender, pulse 5-6 times, and then blend to combine
  • For most Ninjas, this will be sped “2” or Medium
  • For Ninja Ultima, it is speed “low” or about “2-3” if you have adjustable speeds

Nutritional Breakdown:

For one serving (entire recipe):

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