Project: Food Budget–Week 25


As we have all week, this morning we woke up to a fresh blanket of snow in the Central Oregon desert. Photo courtesy of 2Chili and titled “No Spring For You.” We both love to ski but are antsy for bike season and some warmer weather!

After a few weeks (okay months) of mayhem, some normalcy is coming back to our lives, yay!

We are still unboxing all of our “Seattle Stuff” in Bend, but hope to be done with that this weekend, along with a big trip to Goodwill to donate – wow, we have a lot of duplicate things. Necessary for two-home living, yes, but now is a good time to do some Spring cleaning and clear the clutter before it starts.

Meantime, I was able to get to Whole Foods for the first time in a while and stock up on fruits and veggies. That is all we needed – after combining two pantries, my pantry runeth over.


Total spend this week: $67.02
Total spend this month: $149.15
Goal for the month: $350

Menu for the Week:

I hope to actually plan a menu next week, but this week has been:

  • Stirfry, stirfry, stirfry!
  • Veggie burgers with roasted potatoes
  • Teriyaki chickpeas
  • TBD!

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