Project: Food Budget–Week 22

A couple weeks ago I mentioned I was thinking of cancelling my CSA because the quality and quantity was going down. This past week when I saw the contents I was slated to get, I went ahead and cancelled. I was disappointed with the variety and volume, so it just didn’t make sense to continue to subscribe. As Emily pointed out, it’s a classic case of they got too popular and didn’t have enough food to go around!

Ordinarily, I would have had a CSA box this week, so, instead I set off on a challenge that went like this: See if I could buy only organic produce at Whole Foods Market and meet or beat the price I was paying for my CSA share. While I was at it, I bought all our groceries there.

My CSA box always had 12 items and cost $37, so, each item was $3.08. On my challenge, I would buy at least 12 produce items, and try to beat $37 while buying at least or more than the typical CSA “portion.” I tried to buy a variety of items that would mimic would I would get in my share.

Here is where I netted out:

Former Bi-Weekly CSA – 12 items – $37
Whole Foods Market – 12 Items – $33.71.

And, the best part is, I got more volume from WFM that I had been getting each week, in some cases by double (for instance, I would only get 2 potatoes, or 2 tomatoes in the produce box, and I got four here). I will admit I went blueberry crazy – they had organic blueberries for $1.99 a pint last Friday only, so I stocked up – but 3 pints only counted as one item! (And they are pretty much all gone now.)

Oh, and how did I do on the budget overall?

Goal: $75
Actual: $74.12

Magic! No calculator, just the little bit of grey matter between my ears. I know WFM gets a rap for being expensive, but I really didn’t find it to be over the top. Their 365 beans are cheeee-ap, and have no salt added, which is nice. And, their organic skim milk is the exact same price as our Trader Joe’s.

Whole Foods MarketQty.Extended Price ($)
Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips14.99
Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips12.99
Quick Rolled Oats13.29
Original Corn Thins12.79
Chobani Greek Yogurt, Plain1$5.69
Garden Veggie Tempeh1$2.79
365 Brand Frosted Mini Wheats1$3.39
High Fiber Cereal1$3.69
Organic Nonfat Milk1$5.79
365 Organic Black Beans2$2.00
365 Organic Pinto Beans2$2.00
36 Organic Garbanzo Beans1$1.00
Blueberry, pint3$5.97
Russet Potatoes, Organic4$2.71
Red Chard, Organic1$2.69
Green Kale, Organic1$2.69
Yellow Peaches, Organic3$2.44
Shallots, Organic4$1.36
Roma Tomatoes, Organic4$3.03
Broccoli, Organic1$3.08
Asparagus, Organic1$3.03
Kiwi Fruit, Organic4$2.76
Cremini Mushrooms, Organic1$1.96
Carrots, Organic, 2 lb bag1$1.99

Menu for the Week

  • Monday: Lentil Burgers and Russet Potato Home Fries
    (I just threw a variety of stuff in the food processor and came out with a good lentil burger – it seems those are the times things come out well and I don’t write it down. Drats.)
  • Tuesday: Tasty Black Bean and Corn Tacos
  • Wednesday: By request: Teriyaki Chickpeas — 2Chili cannot get enough of this dinner. If you have picky eaters and haven’t tried this, I highly recommend it!
  • Thursday: Baked Cashew Ziti
  • Friday: Refried Bean Enchiladas
  • Saturday-Sunday: TBD

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