Project: Food Budget–Week 21

In a very out of character maneuver this week, I didn’t do a great job with lists or planning or getting everything I needed in one trip to the store. It took three trips!

We rolled into Bend on Saturday afternoon after being out of town for a week and went to the store straight-away, which meant I didn’t have a chance to really think about what I had or didn’t have, and had to rely on a bit of memory from a week before.

Luckily, I brought a lot of pantry items with us from Seattle. We’ve kind of been living this off-balance life with most of our furniture, kitchen supplies, and even pantry staples in Washington, but while spending most of our time in Bend. I set out to right that a little bit and it has helped. I brought back lots of grains and other non-perishables like certain spices, which are nice to have on hand without having to re-buy.

And, in good news, my cooktop is fixed and we are back in action – no more hotplate needed!

Actual This Week: $90.54
Actual This Month: $223.75
Goal for the Month: $325

A week left in the month at $100 to go, we are golden!


These were not good mangoes after all – all bruised on the insides! My peanut butter and coconut experiment failed, so I’ll be buying more peanuts next week…


I am on a Greek yogurt tear right now, so one carton wasn’t enough.

photo (2)

Menu for the Week:

  • Veggie burgers with oven-roasted potatoes
  • Kale Lasagna Diavolo
  • Black Beans and Rice Bowls
  • Chickpea tacos
  • Asian Stirfry with Tempeh
  • Leftovers

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