Project: Food Budget–Week 17

I must start this week’s post with an apology! It is a boring week because I had to travel to Seattle for a very quick trip full of all-day meetings. 2Chili does not need a broad base of food when I’m out of town, and we already had his “supplies” on hand, so I just picked up some essentials to get me through three days in SEA, which ended yesterday.

This means I’ll hit the grocery store for next week tonight – a bit earlier than usual – and we’ll be back on a more normal routine.

So, what does it take for me to get through three days alone? Not a whole lot. Here is my small purchase, made at 10 p.m. on Sunday night! My meetings were catered, so I just had to worry about dinner for Monday and Tuesday, and I treated myself to a trip to Whole Foods, since the hot bar in Seattle locations is wayyyyy better than in Bend. I don’t count that as part of the food budget, since it was more like an entertainment expense.


Total: $12.16


Menu for the Week

I have no menu this week. It’s been an odd one. But, I’ll be back to menu planning next week.

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