Project: Food Budget–Week 19

Look out, world, 2Chili finally got an iPhone. This means he is up-to-date with the most current technology (more so than I am!), and, I may never see him again, as he discovered Twitter is much easier on the phone.

In other news of the week, we have our fingers crossed that we’re going to see sunshine this weekend! So far, it looks promising for both sunshine AND 70 degrees. Considering I’m writing this wearing a thick sweatshirt on June 2, 70 degrees is something about which to dream!

Here’s the budget damage this week:

Goal: $75
Actual: $77.04

Trader Joe’sQty.Extended Price ($)
Mini Milk Chocolate Bars23.58
Mini Dark Chocolate Bars11.79
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese13.99
Strawberries, 4 lbs1$7.99
Multigrain tortilla chips1$2.49
Organic sweet potatoes, 3 l bs1$3.69
Cinnamon cats cookies1$2.49
Organic brown rice rice cakes1$2.49
TJ’s oat bran1$2.69
TJ’s greek style yogurt, 32 oz1$4.99
Eggs, extra large cage free1$2.79
Natural Turkey Jerky1$4.99
TJ Salt Free Marinara1$2.29
Veggie “ground beef” Yves1$2.99
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus1$2.99
Super Firm Tofu1$1.99
Raw Almonds1$4.49
Peanuts, 1/2 Salt1$2.29
Dried Bing Cherries1$3.49
Roasted No Salt Cashew Pieces1$4.99
Amazon FreshQty.Extended Price ($)
Pace Mild Thick & Chunky Salsa, 24 oz13.89
Mission 10 Inch Burrito Flour Tortillas, 8 ct13.09

I needed some household items like cat litter and cleaning supplies, which was the bulk of my Amazon Fresh order, as they have a $30 minimum for delivery.

Menu for the Week:

This week is the first week in my two week “taper” in prep for Boise Ironman, which means I should have more time on my hands to figure out what we’re eating. But, wouldn’t you know it, in addition to being less intense about my workouts, I’m being less intense about our menu! It’s a day-by-day experience!

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