Project: Food Budget–Week 11

It’s funny, you’d think in December we’d have a hard time sticking to a food budget, but honestly, it has not been a problem. I haven’t done any baking or crazy high-volume cooking, so it really is just another month around here.

Since we are still splitting time between two homes (we took Seattle house off the market to re-fi a while back), budgeting can be a challenge, but it is still very do-able with some pre-planning.

This week, some Bend realtors were having a food drive outside of Trader Joe’s, so I bought a few extra cans of beans and tuna to add to their drive, but I’m not counting that out of our food budget.

Total: $75.43.


Where it went – that is a lot of food for $75, don’tcha think?


Lots of fruits and veggies – Organic Fuji Apples (my fave!) were on sale for $.69 each, so I stocked up. Also, lots of beans, and the tastiest, juiciest pineapple you can imagine.

I have to say, too, the Trader Joe’s Lavash bread makes a very good thin pizza crust. Pretty tasty indeed, and the ingredients are agreeable.

Menu for the Week:

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