Project: Food Budget–Week 13

I lowered the food budget this month to $325, and it seems it wasn’t really that difficult to stay within the lowered amount! I don’t feel I am skimping on anything we need, and we have plenty of food on hand at all times, so I think this is probably a good amount for us.

I find this project interesting. A few folks have mentioned that the word “budget” connotes a negative feeling for them, making them feel very restricted with their shopping. I am on the other end of the pendulum, as I find it gives me “permission” to spend a certain amount. I have always been fairly irrationally frugal. In the past, I tended to skimp on things I shouldn’t skimp on – such as wholesome food – and spend on things I shouldn’t, such as a luxury car. It doesn’t really add up, I know! But, this project has given me permission to spend a healthy amount on food each month, so that is a great thing.


We’ll be in Seattle for at least one, perhaps two more weeks and it’s always good to be in one place for a while because you’re not worrying about using everything up!


This week: $55.88

Total for the month: $264.26

$60.74 under budget.

You’ll notice that there are two loaves of bread in this picture. I almost never buy bread, but, with triathlon training kicking back into full swing combined with work and my other interests/obligations, I was politely informed that I’d been falling down on the bread making duties. (Translation: I wasn’t making it.)

Safeway had its bread on sale for buy one, get one free this week. While it does have more ingredients than homemade, this bread is one of the better options we’ve found for pre-made, so we bought two loaves and froze one. Freezing is a great option for taking advantage of buy one/get one sales and works particularly well with bread products (including tortillas, bagels, English muffins – you name it).

You’ll also see a jar of Skippy natural peanut butter. While I was being informed about the lack of bread available, I was also reminded that a certain husband does not like the kind of peanut butter you have to stir (which I do). So, I went to Safeway for bread and peanut butter. Worth the trip, I suppose, as it makes Mr. 2Chili happy.

Menu for the Week

This week is a little messed up with holdover holiday gatherings and dinners out with family. I can honestly say I will be happy to get back to a more regular eating schedule!

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